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Hey guys!

There is no way around it, parenting is hard! It’s a huge responsibility. We are raising kids to the best of our ability to grow up to be responsible, genuinely good people. When you think of it like that it’s a little overwhelming right? I’m learning as I go trying to get this mom thing right. Some days I think hey, I’m doing pretty good  and others I find myself asking for patience. At the end of the day though I’m thankful that as my kids are growing and learning I’m growing and learning as a mom too.

Mediocre Millennial Mom

I don’t have all the answers. Not even close. I’m never going to pretend to either because it’s unrealistic and just boring! The ups and downs are what builds our family into what we are. Through successes and failures we have become us, full of craziness and love and that is what I want to share with you. Just stories and advice from our experiences that is real.

My husband, Tommy and I have two amazing kids, Zoey (4) and Hayden (9 months). I’m a nurse, but right now I’m getting to be a stay at home mommy. In my free time I like to read romance, write and binge watch Netflix.


About Me Mediocre Millennial Mom


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