First Thing To Do If You Want To Make Money Blogging

When you begin your exciting journey as a blogger you get a lot of information thrown at you in a short amount of time. Every question leads to answers that you need more answers to and suddenly you’re left feeling overwhelmed wondering what the heck you got yourself into.

Sound familiar?

That’s because you’re not alone. Even the most successful bloggers had to start somewhere.

It’s easy to get discouraged as a new blogger. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up in tears from frustration. Finally, I just realized that I’m learning and as long as I end the day more accomplished than I started it, I was happy.

Eventually, you start learning so much without even realizing it that things that once took you an hour to do, are now a simple 5 minute task. And I promise you, that starts to happen way faster than you would think.

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The first thing to do in order to eventually monetize your site. Start off on the right track in order to make money blogging.

So You Want to Make Money Blogging?

All that being said, I made my first big mistake blogging in basically the first decision I made for my site.

I went for weeks writing posts and making images before I even knew that I had made a mistake at all. I was seriously oblivious to all the information that was about the be slapping me in the face.How was I suppose to know, right?

The sad story is that upon reading an admired bloggers post I came to the heart wrenching and stomach turning realization that I had signed up with the the wrong web host!

Now, I say wrong because it was wrong for me and my vision I had for myself and my blog to eventually go.

So here’s the information that you need to take away from this. That way my unfortunate mistake maybe won’t have to repeat itself. Or maybe you will at least know a little sooner. Because it’s like we’re just suppose to know this information, but we don’t and it sucks!

  • and are two very, very different things
  • If you want to make money with your blog eventually, you need to sign up with

Aside from eventually being able to monetize your site there are tons of other reasons why you definitely want .org and not .com. From analytic capabilities, to themes and plugins you just have so many more options.

This article is great for comparing and

Just a little more back story in case you were wondering. As soon as I found out what a mistake I had made I immediately started trying to figure out how I could switch my site over.

The good news is, it was actually pretty easy and I didn’t have to lose any of the posts that I had already written.

So, even if you already started with like I did, it’s okay! Don’t freak out, it can get sorted out super fast.

Signing Up With and Bluehost is self hosted. Meaning you have to get web hosting separately. When you decide you want to sign up with you will want to-

  • Sign up with web hosting through Bluehost
  • Get a domain name

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies and is recommended by It is really simple to set up. It even has an install WordPress button upon signing up to make things even simpler for you.

I have personally used Bluehost and have had a great experience with them.

When I had to go though switching over my site, they were very helpful. My questions were answered quickly and they really made the whole process go a lot smoother.

They have different plans to choose from and I feel like the pricing is very doable. I know it’s hard to drop money when you are first starting out, but you just have to look at it as an investment in your blog.

So, if you want to make money from your blog get Get a domain. And get hosted through Bluehost. That is the first steps you need to take to monetize your site.

I’m definitely far from having all the answers, but I have learned so much since starting. That’s why I wanted to share this bit of information with you.

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Good luck in your blogging journey. I’m glad we get to grow together.

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