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At the beginning of November I started actively trying to grow my blog. Though I started writing in September, I didn’t actually DO anything to increase traffic. I guess I was hoping the magical web fairies were going to send tons of people to my blog just by me hitting publish. I found out super quick that wasn’t going to happen, so I’m going to share some tips with you that can help you grow your brand new blog fast.

The more that I researched the more I realized there is A LOT more to blogging than just writing great content.

I knew I had to make some changes if I wanted to get serious about blogging. The things that I did dramatically increased the traffic to my blog. And I even made a little pocket change! My first real month doing this!

I know how dang overwhelming it can be those first weeks blogging. It’s an emotional roller-coaster! You finally figure something out and then, BAM! Some new information slaps you in the face and you feel discouraged all over again.

I’ve been there. Heck, I’m STILL there! But I was thinking, if I knew the things that I know now when I was first starting out…well, who knows how much further I’d be by now. 

So, that’s why I’m writing this.

I want to share with you the things I started doing to grow my traffic last month. My blogger’s “Aha!” moment I guess.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning, if you purchase something I suggest I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. 

Tips on increasing traffic to your new blog. Ideas on how to get more page views on your website and set your blog up for success.

Grow Your Brand New Blog Fast 

Just a few stats for you 

I know that these stats are nothing impressive for seasoned bloggers. Remember that thing about this being my first month doing ANYTHING with my blog except writing. So I’m pretty happy with these numbers.

Pinterest- 3,000 Monthly Viewers to 130k Monthly Viewers

That’s from November 1 to November 30. I’m including Pinterest in these stats because I really focus a lot of my time and energy into it and receive like 90% of my traffic from there. Yeah, 90%! That is ridiculous! I’m going to go into exactly what I did on Pinterest this last month in detail in just a bit.

December so far I’m up to 229K in a week! ::Happy dance:: and I have no doubt that you can get these numbers super quick too. 

Mediocre Millennial Mom- 5,928 Monthly Views

This is my viewers during the month of November on my blog. I had one day in particular that one of my posts blew up a bit and I got almost 500 viewers just in that one day. That really just goes to show how fast it can happen if the right person re-pins one of your pins!

Before I started these changes I was maybe getting 20-50 views a day, so this was HUGE for me.

Income- $34.35

Ads: $5.35
Affiliates: $29.00

Hey, it’s not much, but I worked my little butt off for that 34 dollars!

What I Did: Top 3 Things

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a big traffic driver for me. It definitely can be for you too! So, that’s where we are starting. Pinterest!

1. Join Group Boards 

As many as you can!

Find boards in your niche and blogger boards that aren’t niche specific. Usually you have to email the owner of the board and ask to be added as a contributor.

You’re not going to get added every time and sometimes it takes weeks for the owner of the board to add you. Just keep sending those emails.

As of right now I’m on 38 group boards. (One of them being mine that I just started.) If you would like to be a contributor follow me and the board and send me an email. I’d love to help each other grow! Like a (Mom) Boss {Group Board} 

I’m still sending emails to board owners every day because I’m trying to get on even more group boards. That is how you increase your reach so fast!

2. Add Your Pins to the Group Boards

Just be sure you are following the rules of the group board. I usually pin a few times a day, making sure I am pinning either my most popular posts or the posts I’m trying to give that extra boost to.

When I say I am pinning a few times a day, I mean I am pinning to each individual group board during those times. (Depending on group board rules) That comes out to about 100 pins a day just of MY CONTENT that I’m pinning. That doesn’t include other peoples pins. Which you definitely need to do too.

I’ve really put a lot of time into making great pinnable images and finding the right stock images to make them. Check out this list of 40 Sites with Free Stock Images and find awesome photos to REALLY make your pins stand out from the crowd!

Pay attention to when you get the most re-pins and try to pin during those times.

Incase you haven’t already figured this out, yes I am manually pinning. For two reasons:

  1. I’m stubborn and I like to do things my way.
  2. I’ve seen really good results so far and I don’t want to change that.

Speaking of good results. Remember how I told you that just this past week I’ve gone from 130K to 229K on Pinterest? Did you wonder what the big difference was that made my numbers go up so fast in such a short amount of time?

Well, though I am stubborn I decided I needed a little extra help with Pinterest. So, I bought my very first blogging e-book, Pinteresting Strategies.

Carly goes WAY more in depth than any other information I’ve ever read about relating to Pinterest! Some of the concepts she pointed out seriously blew my mind and made me realize how much MORE I could be doing for Pinterest to help grow my blog.

I got the book at the beginning of December and immediately started putting her tips to work. I really really believe that is the reason I have seen such a huge spike in just 7 days!

All of the tips I am sharing with you here are things that I was already doing before I read the book. Pinteresting Strategies is just the motherload of information that’s going to help me go that step further.

It’s perfect for new bloggers because it describes what to do step by step. I would definitely recommend checking it out. I really wish I would have gotten it sooner!

Okay, sorry! Can you tell I’m pretty passionate about the results of that book!?

3.Join Facebook Groups

Last, but certainly not least!

Facebook groups have share threads basically where you leave a link to a blog post or Pinterest pin. You then share others posts and they share yours. Hello, more traffic! You just have to be active and do threads daily.

It makes sense though. More people seeing your content, sharing it and pinning it resulting in even more people seeing it! As a new blogger you really need that boost because you don’t have a loyal following yet.

Extra tip: On the days that I am writing, I usually don’t participate in threads that require you to “re-pin all other’s” etc. because it takes up a lot of time! I just do smaller threads for those days so that I can get my stuff done and not add to the overwhelm.

I’m on several Facebook groups and like each of them for different reasons. Just look to find ones best suited for you and your blog.

Also, it’s nice to have a group of people for support, questions and blogger buddies!

Try These Tips Out and See What Happens!

If you are trying to figure out a way to get more traffic to your brand new blog fast I think these tips would be a great way to get you started. If you want to take that a step further and REALLY start to see some growth, invest in Carly’s e-book Pinteresting Strategies. You won’t be disappointed.

You may also find this post helpful. The First Thing You Need To Do If You Want To Make Money Blogging I go over the number one thing you need to consider if you want to monetize your blog.


Well, I hope this was helpful and I would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. I’m glad we get to grow together!

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Tips on increasing traffic to your new blog. Ideas on how to get more page views on your website and set your blog up for success. Advice for new bloggers.











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