DIY Lego Table

My daughter has loved building things and taking things apart from an early age. She could spend hours tinkering with toys and figuring out how things work. It came as no surprise to us that she became super into Legos. She had a set at my parent’s house and the first thing she would do when we got there would be to pour out all the Legos and start creating. When it was about to be her fourth birthday we knew that the perfect gift would be a Lego table and a bunch of Legos to let her creative mind run wild.

After some online research we found a great way to make your own Lego table for a really great price!

Legos are a great toy for kids. The educational benefits are amazing and they can keep your child busy without their face being glued to a screen. Legos help develop fine motor skills and concentration. Sparking creativity, teaching organization and problem solving are just a few of the awesome things children are taught all while playing!

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table

Make Your Own Lego Table 

To make your own Lego table the first thing you need is a TABLE! We thought of building our own, but found this side table on Amazon. It was the exact size that we were looking for. It’s good quality, but light enough to move easily. It’s a good height for younger children to be able to stand or to sit at with a small chair.

We got white, but this table comes in multiple colors. The assembly is easy too!

So, here is the really cool thing. There are baseplates for Legos that you can stick right onto a surface. This four-pack that we got fits this table perfectly! Seriously, it’s like they were made for each other or something. Here are the baseplates to go with the table which also comes in lots of colors so you can customize it to be perfect for your child.

Make sure the table is clean and dry. Before peeling off the back, place the plates on the table to see where you want the placement to be. There should be about a half inch of table showing on each side. Mark placement with pencil. You can also check placement with Lego to make sure the blocks fit correctly from plate to plate. After marking placement with pencil, remove plates, peel backing and carefully place first plate according to markings. Just repeat with the other three plates!

That’s it! Easy as that!

Now you have a really cool little Lego table for your child to learn and create. This would be a great gift for Christmas or birthdays! If you need more gift ideas check out 10 Fabulous Gifts for Girly Girls here.

DIY Lego Table

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