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Poshmark Buying and Making Sales

Having kids, we go through so many clothes. Every season it’s pretty much a totally new wardrobe. I love dressing my kids up and shopping for them. So much so that when I go to the store specifically to buy something for myself I usually just end up coming out with something for them.

As fun as it is to buy them new clothing, it can get seriously expensive. Especially when you factor in that they wear most things 6 months tops! For babies it’s even less time than that. Some shirts get worn a few times before we have to retire them in exchange for a bigger size. Let some time go by and the more kids you have, you accumulate a lot of boxes of outgrown clothing crazy fast.

Donation and Consignment 

Some things you can do with the piles of clothes, boxes and bags cluttering your house or taking up your storage space are:

  • Hand them down to friends or family members with younger children
  • Take them to Goodwill
  • Donate them to local organizations
  • Sell or trade at local consignment shops
  • Have a garage sale
  • Sell them online

So, we had done a little bit of all of these things over the past four years except selling online. I never wanted to mess with that mostly because I just thought it was more of a hassle than it was worth.

Discovering Poshmark

One day I saw something online about an app called Poshmark. I looked into it a little bit and saw that you can buy AND sell new or gently used children’s clothing. In addition, they have categories in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, bags and purses, makeup and jewelry. After some review of the site I decided, hey why not, let’s give it a shot. I already had a couple bags worth of my daughters and my clothing that had just been sitting in the back of the closet. I went through the bags and decided which pieces were in good enough condition to post.

It took a few weeks before I made my first sale. You are rated when someone buys from you and they receive their package, so making that first sale may take a little longer since you have no reviews for people to see that you are a responsible seller. It will happen though! I was so excited when I sold my first item I think I did a little happy dance.

After I sold a few items it seemed like people started buying much more often. The money that you make on Poshmark goes into a balance on your account that you can either use on buying something from the site or you also have the option of cashing it out. I have always just used the money to buy on Poshmark because as I was saying before, my kids are always needing something and there are some really good deals! I have gotten basically brand new items for half the price if you were to buy new in store. Plus, you just never know what you are going to find and that’s just really fun!

Poshmark Tips and Advice for Mom’s

Okay, so now I want to share some tips and tricks that you should know about Poshmark before you decide to buy or sell. This way you have more information up front and don’t have to figure it out along the way like I did! I’m going to break it down into two lists, one for buying and one for selling. Seriously guys, this is good stuff and you will be way ahead of the game when you sign up!


  • Shipping is an extra $6.49 on top of whatever the price of the item you are buying. The only exception to this is if a seller lowers the price; the shipping rate decreases a couple dollars for the next hour after the price drop. If you have “liked” an item you will receive a notification of the price drop. All shipping is USPS Priority Mail and is usually delivered 2-3 days after the seller ships your package. Also, package tracking is emailed to you after shipment so you can keep an eye on where your order is.
  • Look at seller reviews for customer satisfaction and average shipping time before buying. I like knowing that I am buying from a seasoned seller and the best way to see that is by looking at comments from other buyers and how long it takes them to get a package out. You can find this on their personal profile under about.
  • Edit “My Size” to get search results of only the sizes you are looking for and filter out the rest. You can also search by brand if you are looking for something specific. Follow sellers that have items in your children’s sizes that you like, to see newly added and shared items from their closet on your feed.
  • Bundle items to save on shipping.Whether you buy one or five items, shipping is the same rate. A lot of sellers also have bundle discounts where you can save anywhere from 5%-30% if you buy multiple items from their “closet”. I really like to look for sellers who have bundle discounts especially when buying for the kids. That way you aren’t paying shipping for just one item (which in kid’s clothes is kind of ridiculous), plus you get the savings from the bundle discount!
  • Never just buy without making an offer. When you are looking at an item there is an “offer” button and a “buy now” button. This was something I did quite a bit when I first signed up. I decided I wanted to buy it and just hit buy now. Here’s the thing though, most sellers will consider reasonable offers or they might counter offer and meet you somewhere in the middle. Either way, you aren’t paying the original asking price and the amazing savings is why you’re doing this right? Exception: There are sellers that have “boutique” closets (pretty cool side hustle) and with most of those the price you see is final.


  • Poshmark has a fee. When you sell something under $15 they take out $2.95. Anything $15 and above they take out 20% of your earnings and you keep the other 80%. So, if you sell something for $20 your actual earnings for that sale is $16. Pretty simple.
  • You receive your earnings for a sell after the buyer receives and accepts the package. If the buyer does not accept the package 3 days after receiving it Poshmark will automatically release your earnings to you. You should try to ship out the package within a couple days of selling for good reviews and sometimes repeat customers!
  • A good covershot is everything. You want the main picture that shows up with your item to be a good picture. This means good lighting and arranged in a way that is visually pleasing to potential buyers. No one is going to click on your item to see details if it’s a crappy picture (sorry, it’s true). Any additional pictures should show details and anything important about the item you are selling. Another thing I’ve recently started doing is using the same backdrop (my comforter) for EVERY covershot so when people see an item, they automatically associate it with my closet. Also when all my items are on one page it looks uniform and clean.
  • Don’t skip the details. When you are creating a listing there is a space for you to write a description of your item. The more detailed and specific you are the better. This way potential buyers have a lot of information up front. Another great reason to do this is it will be more easily found when someone is doing a search on Poshmark. For example: you are selling a pair of jeans  and title the listing “Skinny Jeans” in the description “Skinny jeans/jeggings in great condition. High Rise. Destroyed knees.” Now if someone adds keywords leggings, high rise or destroyed when searching for jeans your listing will be much more likely to be seen.
  • Be truthful. Don’t try to hide flaws or imperfections in the item you are selling. It might help you make one sale, but it will probably result in a bad review and that could seriously damage your Poshmark seller rep. Especially in children’s clothing there is sometimes small flaws, if i decide I still want to try and sell it I point out the imperfection in the description and add a picture that you can clearly see the stain or snag.That way the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.
  • Be mindful of your pricing. Start off by seeing what similar items are selling for on the site. I price my items to sell, so they are (most of the time) cheaper than competition. Leaving a little wiggle room so if someone makes an offer I can at least take a dollar or two off. I also have a bundle discount of 15% off 2 or more items to encourage buyers to bundle and buy more than one item. It’s pretty frequent too since I sell a lot of children’s clothing and it just makes sense for people to get more than one thing.
  • Make bundle listings. This is so amazing for kid’s clothes and I always end up selling it pretty fast. Instead of selling a bunch of clothes in individual listings, baby onesies for example, I sell them all together. So I might title the listing as “Bundle of 6 Month Onesies” and price it at $15 for 5 onesies. Buyers really like bundle listings because you usually get a really good deal and as a seller you only have to make one listing and make more money for one sale. Win/Win!
  • Pretty packaging makes for a happy buyer. Basically, don’t just throw your item in the box/bag and ship it off. Fold them up nicely and wrap them in  tissue paper or whatever you like, be creative! I got these thank you stickers on amazon for a little special touch. Check these super cute stickers out! I know when I receive an order from someone on Poshmark and they took the time to make the packaging pretty it makes me want to give them a good rating and shop with them again, so I always try to go the extra mile.
  • Share Share Share! This is so important if you want to make regular sales. When you share a listing it goes back to the top of the list of items in that category/brand/ size. People only scroll for so long, so the closer your listing is to the top the better chance you have of getting your listing seen, liked and eventually bought. Depending on how busy I am I try to share ALL my listings at least 3 times a day, sometimes a lot more than that. This is going to make a huge difference in your sales. I can see dramatic increases in likes and shares on days that I am actively sharing my listings. Don’t forget to share other people’s listings too because they will usually return the favor!

Download the App!

Whew! Okay, I know that was a lot of info, but one of the things I really love about Poshmark is how user friendly it is. Seriously, it’s really simple and so much fun! I have tried out similar sites,but I didn’t really care for them.

Now that I have been on Poshmark for about a year and a half I’m steadily making enough to buy my kids clothes and shoes pretty much weekly! My daughter loves it when she gets a package in the mail and she’s always so excited to see what she got.

Whether you decide to buy or sell or both I hope this will help you in some way. I can’t wait until you get to do YOUR little happy dance when you get your first sale!

P.S. If you sign up with my discount code HALIESHEA you will get $5 off your first purchase!

Poshmark Tips and Advice

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