Fun Fall Activities For the Whole Family

It’s Fall!

I woke up this morning and all I saw on every social media site was about today being the first day of fall! So, in honor of that and the fact that it is my favorite season, we’re going to be feeling some serious fall vibes right now. (Takes a sip of pumpkin spice latte.)

I actually kinda hate pumpkin spice lattes, but this is a celebration! It’s freaking fall!

There is so much fun and excitement surrounding this season. It’s finally cooling off, Halloween is around the corner and everyone is cheering on their favorite football team. We can’t forget that we can wear hoodies and leggings as much as we want now! Wow, I’m probably slightly too excited about that.

Establishing Family Traditions

Participating in fun fall activities is a great way to start some new traditions with your family. I love the idea of my kids getting excited every year about a special activity that we all get to enjoy together. It could be the smallest thing that gets carried on year to year that makes the biggest impressions on your kids!

Anyway, I feel like fall is just kind of the beginning of all the great holiday months and the best thing about that is all the amazing memories you make with your family. So, now that I’ve got you super pumped too, here is a list of fall activities that the whole family can enjoy. Go jump in a pile of leaves or something; you know you want to.


Fun Fall Activities

Go to a pumpkin patch

Drink apple cider

Eat caramel apples

Go through a corn maze

Do a hayride

Make a fall wreath

Carve a pumpkin

Go to a local football game

Toast pumpkin seeds

Go to the park and enjoy the weather

Bake pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread

Go to a haunted house

Roast marshmallows over the fire pit

Shop for Halloween costumes

Jump in a leaf pile

Go to a fall festival

Attend a costume party

Go trick-r-treating 

Take fall family photos

Read Halloween books This is our favorite!

Cook chili

Make pinecone bird feeders 

Watch Halloween movies

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