90’s Kid Movies to Watch With Our Kids

I love that sense of nostalgia you get when you watch a movie that you haven’t seen since you were a kid. It instantly puts you in a better mood and takes you back to some great memories. There is a certain magical feeling that takes over and seems to transport you back in time.

Since the time that my daughter would sit still long enough, I’ve been introducing her to some of the movies that shaped my childhood. I think millennials just have a special place for the tv and movies we grew up on. Some of the stuff we’ve watched has now become some of her favorites too, and that makes watching the same movie every day (sometimes multiple times a day) A LOT more bearable.

I’m always trying to think of things we can do with the kids that everyone can enjoy and watching movies are perfect for those lazy days. I guess I just like feeling like I am sharing something special with my babies.

I geared this list more toward younger kids. This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the great movies during that time. Maybe this will be a good starting point to share a little bit  of your childhood too. You just can’t beat 90’s kid movies! What were some of your favorites?

1. The Lion King


Aaahzen-betinyahh! I watched this movie endlessly when I was a kid thanks to my little brother. It’s always going to be a classic. I mean, come on. Disney is genius!

2. Homeward Bound


We actually just watched this one recently and I still love it just as much now as I did back then. My daughter loved it too. Win-win.

3. All Dogs Go to Heaven


I absolutely love the soundtrack to this movie. I can’t help but belt out every song when we watch it.

4. Toy Story


Unlike a lot of movies with sequals, every single one of these is golden.

5. Jumanji


I see this playing on tv all the time, so I’m sure my daughter has seen parts of it, but we seriously need to watch the whole thing. I heard that it’s going to be remade soon too. Not sure if that’s true, but it would definitely be awesome.

6. Space Jam


This was such a cool idea for a movie. Basketball star plus Looney Tunes equals one epic movie. I think we need a remake of this one too. Lebron anyone?

7. Aladdin


This was my all time favorite Disney movie as a kid. Robin Williams nailed it as the genie (no surprise there.)

8. Shrek


This one didn’t come along until a little later, but it’s adored by children and adults. It’s certainly a one of a kind movie.

9. Honey I Shrunk the Kids


This is one of the few of these movies that I didn’t actually own, but I remember every time I saw it on, I just HAD to watch it.

10. Hocus Pocus


It’s about to be October and I guarantee you this movie will be watched multiple times in my house. This has got to be the best kids Halloween movie of all time!

11. The Little Mermaid


Here’s another one with an amazing soundtrack. Your kid has probably already seen it too because it’s just timeless.

12. A Little Princess


It’s crazy to me how many people have not seen this movie. If you’re one of those, it’s definitely worth watching.

13. Babe


This is such a cute movie and I guarantee your little one will love it too.

14. The Land Before Time

land before time.jpg

This one will take you back to the moments you watched it. It just embodies everything great about movies during that time.

15. Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the best.jpg

This one is one of my daughters favorites now. These Disney classics just can’t be beat.




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